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Mauricio Monsalve

I do research in the interface between computer science and other scientific disciplines, what is known as computational science. In particular, my research spans the topics of network science, data science, mathematical modeling and optimization, etc. While I intend to make my research formal, i.e., focusing on mathematics, algorithms, logics, etc., I am also concerned with making it sound epistemologically.

I am currently doing research on the topic of natural disasters and hazards as a postdoctoral researcher in CIGIDEN, and I touched the topic of epidemiology during my doctoral studies at the University of Iowa. I am currently holder of FONDECYT Postdoctoral Grant 3170867.

As to how I do research, I easily jump from one topic to the next, and from one disciplinary skill to the other. I am usually reading lots (LOTS) of papers, writing some software tool to assist me in some investigation, devising algorithms and mathematical methods and approximations, collecting and organizing data, and concerning with the logical, epistemological, ontological, and ethical soundness of my and related research.

Network cascade as self replicating process.

Disruption disconnecting a network.

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